Scarifying machine TR200 - GASOLINE

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Scarifying is that technology utilized for restoration of concrete, asphalt, metal, clay and other surfaces.


Machines fitted with special cutting flails rotating on a drum are employed. These flails, mounted freely on rotating conveyor bars, graze the surface with depth penetration adjustable from 1 to 3 mm.


While removing any such materials, the action of the rotating flails also roughens the surface properly preparing it for subsequent coating or treatment.


The system is particularly suitable for removal of old coatings such as epoxy resins and paints, rust deposits, as well as for cancellation of road markings.




Scarifying machines range includes model with working width varying from 20 cm to 180 cm.

Product Specifications
Gasoline - Japanese Honda - Japan - 5.5 HP - Model GX160
Working Width
200 mm
Distance to wall
55 mm
370 mm
910 mm
1055 mm
Connection to Vacuum
ø 40 mm
Weight Without Drum
57 Kg without the engine
3000 R.P.M
Recommended Vacuum
not less than 2 KW

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